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    Studio 30 Interiors: Bespoke Kitchen Designer Studio 30 Interiors: Trends
    Studio 30 Interiors: Warm & Natural [01]
    Studio 30 Interiors: Warm & Natural [02]
    Studio 30 Interiors: Warm & Natural [03]

    Sociable space with natural textures

    We see change happening in the industry with a universal shift towards soft warm colour palettes mixed with natural materials to enhance one cohesive design. A blend of wood veneers or wood effects provides warmth and creates layers that are complimented with soft matte finished cabinets.

    “As an example, using a wood veneer or wood effects complimented with soft neutral finishes, whether that is a light oak fluted door with ivory pebble or an elegant larch veneer with Sahara beige, you can couple this with a honed quartz worktop and feature floor for one cohesive design that will remain timeless.”

    With the increased popularity of vertical wood cladding and softer interiors, it comes as no surprise that we will be seeing more homeowners looking for walnut/oak-inspired contemporary designs.

    Studio 30 Interiors: Warm & Natural [01]
    Studio 30 Interiors: Warm & Natural [02]
    Studio 30 Interiors: Warm & Natural [03]

    Worktops and stone materials

    We’re seeing a greater demand for natural-inspired textures, stone materials, and colour shades for the foreseeable future. With an ever-demanding appeal coming back for granite surfaces, there are now many different granite finishes to choose from whether that’s dark and moody granite or even a matte leather finish. Italian manufacturer Lavantina has this all covered for the natural stone market.

    Check out Lavantina for all natural stone inspiration

    Following from natural and soft textures honed finished quartz & porcelain are in high demand and making a comeback in the design world rather than the polished finishes that are usually seen.

    Check out all things quartz and porcelain

    Studio 30 Interiors: Open Plan [01]

    Open plan with partition planning

    As open-plan designs are still the norm and the kitchen remains the hub of any home we have seen a demand for zone planning and room divides in an open-plan space, don’t be afraid to disrupt an open-planned kitchen or living area.

    We often recommend clients to embrace and opt for partitions that divide areas, it’s a smart move.

    Opting for decorative glass stand-alone units that are more of a focal point or open partitions, designed correctly can work as beautiful displays as well as functional room dividers zoning into separate areas, this effectively provides a feeling of cosiness whilst providing great interior architecture.

    Studio 30 Interiors: Open Plan [01]
    Studio 30 Interiors: Less Is More [01]
    Studio 30 Interiors: Less Is More Trend

    Less is more

    Chic open plan spaces are ever greater we see a trend in more concealed designs merging out of Europe’s leading manufacturers. New and improved trends happening with pocket doors to conceal a kitchen and sliding worktop units.

    Changing the dated wall units and swapping them with sleek sliding doors with open display units for a decorative yet effective cooking and entertaining space just makes sense.

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    Studio 30 Interiors: SME Award 2023
    Best Bespoke Kitchen & Home Interior Design Company 2023 – Hampshire

    Studio 30 Interiors is one of the 2023 winners of the SME Southern Enterprise Awards.

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    Studio 30 Interiors: SME Award 2023