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    Studio 30 Interiors: Bespoke Kitchen Designer Studio 30 Interiors: About Us


    Studio 30 Interiors is a design-led company that creates distinctive Bespoke Kitchen Designer New Milton, and multi-room projects. We push the limits and expand the boundaries to deliver exceptional design.

    We have a firm grasp and creative perspective on current trends in the interior sector and are open to collaborating with all trades in our industry to help you achieve your dream kitchen or interior project with a Bespoke Kitchen Designer in New Milton.


    We operate from the beautiful South Coast of Hampshire in a large 900sq foot design Studio based in New Milton. Studio 30 Interiors products have not been easy to source but we didn’t want to offer the same products most independent companies provide, that would be easy, but we enjoy a challenge.

    All our contemporary products are sourced and manufactured in Germany and Italy, but our traditional fitted furniture is supplied and manufactured in the United Kingdom. This allows us to meet our high standards and provide our Bespoke Kitchen Designer New Milton services to a wider audience while offering various products to suit all tastes and budgets, working directly with the manufacturer to save us and you time.

    To be able to work directly with our suppliers we supply these products via dealership exclusivity. Studio 30 Interiors is proud to partner with Pronorm Kitchens in the South Coast: an award-winning German manufacturer. From our studio, we offer you a unique in-house presentation and a fully functioning Pronorm kitchen with Quartz worktops, Designer appliances, and the kitchen must-haves, the award-winning S-BOX, award-winning Novy 1861 recirculating Vented hob, and multiple award-winning Quooker Flex cube, plus so much more.


    Why not make an appointment and visit Studio 30 Interiors to discuss your new project with our Bespoke Kitchen Designer New Milton, free refreshments will be available once greeted by Willow the front of the house assistant.

    Ready to begin your new project with Studio 30 Interiors?

    Arranging a chat couldn’t be easier! You can get started with our bespoke service by filling out the form and we will get back to you to arrange a time to meet.

    Studio 30 Interiors: SME Award 2023
    Best Bespoke Kitchen & Home Interior Design Company 2023 – Hampshire

    Studio 30 Interiors is one of the 2023 winners of the SME Southern Enterprise Awards.

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    Studio 30 Interiors: SME Award 2023